Closure Update: 4/19/2023

❌ Scary Canyon – CLOSED
❌ Nixon Head – CLOSED
✅ East Car Body – OPEN
✅ Highway Face – OPEN
✅ Face Canyon – OPEN

The good news! For the first time in many years we can say there were no closure violations that we know of. Thank you very much! Thank you for educating your friends and being part of this community.

The not great news: Some nests did fail. However, failures this year were probably due to the weather and not climbers.

Note for Mountain Project Users

If you are using Mountain Project, we have noticed the closures only update when you update the app.

General Reminder

Please be aware that while the areas are open, there are still active raptors in the area and we want to respect their homes by keeping pets under control and noise to a minimum. If you see bird activity, please alert us.

And again, we had an interesting winter so please be aware of the dangers of rock fall during spring thaws. Climb on!