Adam Chitwood

Why I climb?
I climb because it takes me to the mountains and has given me great friends.
Favorite crag?  
I really don't think I have one, every place I have climbed has something unique about it, but I will say locally I love the sawtooth's and internationally I love the Alps.
Favorite climb?
Any climb that makes me have to think about my movements. 
Random fact
My first climb ever was on wall above McCall Id. called Slick Rock. We were a party of three and only one person had any climbing experience and after two pitches they didn't want to lead any more. Myself and the other inexperienced person led the rest of the pitches, making probably the slowest ever assent on Slick Rock. Years later to redeem myself, I believe I made what is probably still the speed record on it, 45 minutes car to car.
Why I'm part of the BCA
Brian Fedigan. Probably all that needs to be said.
Why is the BCA important to me?
The BCA is important because without this organization and the individuals that started it, there's a good chance the we would not have access to the black cliffs. With the ongoing efforts of working with the land managers, monitor the raptors that call the cliffs home, educating the public about the raptors, temporarily closing sections of the cliffs to protect the raptors, organizing cleanups and so much more that I'm still learning about we are able to have a climbing area minutes from downtown.

Scott Dewalt
Vice President
Megan Roseberry
Dan Cotner
Mary Dewalt
Board Member

Why do I climb?
I climb because it is great for mind and body; when I climb outside I am able to have a unique connection with nature.
Fave climbing crag?
Wherever I am at the moment
Fave climb?
Considering I have a terrible memory, I have a new favorite climb regularly.
Random fun facts
I have climbed on every continent except Antarctica (bucket list!); I am a library director (thus the library card in photo)
Why are you a part of the BCA?
I joined soon after moving to Boise to become connected with a great community and to be a good steward of area crags and of the raptors nesting therein.

Brian Fedigan
Board Member

Why do I climb?
I climb because I only focus on what is right in front of me.
Fave climbing crag?
City of Rocks
Fave climb?
Myopia - Perch
Random fun facts?
I was not born in a state. I tracked bears for seven years. I lived off of meat spreadables for four years. 
Why are you a part of the BCA? 
I was convinced by Sandy Epeldi. I stay with it because without climbing, I probably would have ended up in jail. It is important to work to keep places open. 

Marc Major
Board Member
After retiring from a corporate gig spanning 20+ years I found a little time on my hands and joined the BCA in order to help keep access to our local climbing opportunities. I like most types of climbing, but loathe runout slab and flaring off width. I enjoy the social scene that goes with climbing.

Fave climbing crag: The Black Cliffs and Table Rock have provided a lot of great memories, and time spent there launched many meaningful friendships.
Why is the BCA important to you? We should consider ourselves lucky to have such a variety and quality of climbing available nearby, typically uncrowded, with friendly locals and supportive land managers. I urge all of us to pick up after ourselves and others, obey closures, enjoy our outdoors responsibly, and climb smart. 🙂
Smith Kennedy
Board Member / IT

Why I climb: Why NOT climb?
Favorite crag: Hard to choose but City of Rocks is top 5 for sure.
Favorite climb: Impossible to choose this.
Random fun facts: I grew up in NYC in the 70's and started climbing in 1985 in high school, leading on a rack of nuts and hexes. 
Why are you a part of the BCA? Originally my motivation was to help take care of the anchors at the Black Cliffs, which were in increasingly bad shape in 2005. Then I redid the website several times and now I'm one of those curmudgeonly cranks they can't get rid of.