Marc Major
After retiring from a corporate gig spanning 20+ years I found a little time on my hands and joined the BCA in order to help keep access to our local climbing opportunities. I like most types of climbing, but loathe runout slab and flaring off width. I enjoy the social scene that goes with climbing.

Fave climbing crag: The Black Cliffs and Table Rock have provided a lot of great memories, and time spent there launched many meaningful friendships.
Why is the BCA important to you? We should consider ourselves lucky to have such a variety and quality of climbing available nearby, typically uncrowded, with friendly locals and supportive land managers. I urge all of us to pick up after ourselves and others, obey closures, enjoy our outdoors responsibly, and climb smart. 🙂
Scott Dewalt
Vice President
Audra Green
Audra joined the BCA board on accident by trying to help out with social media.  As happened, she found an awesome group of people volunteering for an even more awesome cause and she stuck with it.  She climbs for a few reasons: to be in pretty places with good people, and it's the only thing that has ever calmed her overactive brain. In her non-climbing times she runs, loves her job and being a Girl Scout leader.  
Joe Zaher

Why are you a part of the BCA? I became active in the BCA right after I moved to Boise 15ish years ago. I wanted to meet local climbers and giving back is important to me. Stewardship is an important aspect of any activity I take part in regularly. I kept showing up for clean-ups, and sign posting. I got to see the organization grow and shrink, tackle difficult issues, establish relationships, advocate, and educate. It is a great bunch of people doing a lot of work to maintain access.
Fave crag/climb? I don't know how you can argue with the Black Cliffs. 15 minute drive and a lot of variety. I always enjoy a trip to City of Rocks. When I lived in Texas, Enchanted Rock State Park was very popular. Fear of Flying was a favorite route.

Mary Dewalt
Board Member
Brian Fedigan
Board Member

Why I climb: I climb because I only focus on what is right in front of me.
Fave climbing crag: City of Rocks
Fave climb: Myopia - Perch
Random fun facts: I was not born in a state. I tracked bears for seven years. I lived off of meat spreadables for four years. 
Why are you a part of the BCA? I was convinced by Sandy Epeldi. I stay with it because without climbing, I probably would have ended up in jail. It is important to work to keep places open. 

Smith Kennedy
Board Member
Natasha Li
Board Member
Natasha started pulling on plastic at WSU's Rec Center climbing wall and learned how to lead climb (thanks Joel & Brian) at the Black Cliffs during summer stints in Boise. Natasha owes a lot of who she is as a climber to the Boise climbing community and joined the BCA in the hopes to give back to the community that shaped her. 
Fave climbing area: Red Rocks, Castle Rocks, The Black Cliffs
Why the BCA important to me: I think the BCA is a little underrated for how much they do for the community! We’re so lucky in Boise to have the cliffs so close to town but it takes a lot of keep them open to all for climbing. From working with land managers to spreading knowledge about climbing at the cliffs, the BCA plays an important role. 
(Also, while I’m not wearing a helmet in my pic, it’s important to protect your noggin folks! Wear a helmet!!)
JT Murphy
Board Member

JT has been climbing since 2007 and joined the BCA in 2015 because he wanted to give back to the sport that has provided him with so much enjoyment over the years. 

Fave type of climbing: Long easy trad climbing and first ascents in any style.
Fave climbing memory: Climbing highballs with my climbing partner Chris or proposing to my wife at City of Rocks. 

Paul Thomas
Board Member

As a newer member of the Boise climbing family, Paul is keen to give time and energy to a sport and community that has helped shape his life for the past 15 years. Paul started climbing on a random small wall in Pennsylvania and that grew to the greater New England area during college. He loves to travel, meet new people, and is excited to help put some new hardware into the local Boise crags.

Fave Climbing Area: Definitely Squamish, BC, Index, WA, and White Horse / Cathedral in New Hampshire.