About the Boise Climbers Alliance


The Boise Climbers Alliance is a local climber advocacy group focusing on issues involving resource access, usage impact, and other climbing related matters. We promote low-impact, environmentally sensitive, safe climbing practices, and we seek to foster communication within the local climber community and serve as a voice for the climbing community with land managers and other parties involved in resource access. We recognize that the achievement of the above objectives depends upon the participation of the climbing community, and we seek to incorporate all views from our climbing community in our activities advocating climbing in the Southwest Idaho area, which is our home.


The Boise Climbers Alliance (BCA) was formed in the Spring of 1999 in response to a newspaper article that insinuated climbers threatened the nests of raptors at the Black Cliffs, east of Boise. The local climbing community reacted to this article by quickly and effectively creating an action plan aimed at low impact, environmentally sensitive climbing. They recognized that it was unfair to characterize climbers as uncaring about nature and wildlife, because the beauty and wonder of the outdoors is one of the greatest motivations to climb.

Partnering with Bruce Haak, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s Regional Nongame Biologist, The BCA formulated a plan for protecting raptor nest sites from climber disturbance during the critical nesting season.

The plan proposes annual monitoring of raptor nests at the black cliffs. Should any nests be found, the BCA will post buffer zone signs indicating the area of the nest sites, and asking climbers to please not climb in those areas. Pivotal to our plans success will be the willingness of climbers to respect seasonal, voluntary closures of critical climbing routes. Any closure will be voluntary; the BCA carries no enforcement authority. But without the cooperation of climbers in this plan, climbers face the possibility of future regulatory actions by land managers to protect the raptors.

What do we do throughout the year?

Fall: Black Cliffs trail days
Winter: bird monitoring and closures begin
Spring: Swan Falls cleanup with Idaho Power 
Spring and Summer: bird monitoring and closures
Ongoing events: with local gyms tabling, and working with the Birds of Prey on educational events

How can you support us?

  • Help us educate, spread the word.  
  • Let’s be real, donations help.
  • Want to get involved? Come to a board meeting or reach out to us
  • Buy BCA merchandise at events.