Closure Update: 6/17/2022


These little ones have fledged and flown (along with all other nests) which means we can lift all closures! A big thank you to everyone for respecting the closures this year! Signs will be coming down soon.

✅ Nixon Head
✅ Wailing Wall
✅ Scary Canyon
✅ Wast Car Body

Closure Update: 4/27/2022

Current Closures:

❌ Nixon Head – CLOSED
❌ Wailing Wall – CLOSED — not listed on Mountain Project but means everything up river/ east of Scary
❌ Scary Canyon – Closed
✅ East Car Body – Cautiously open

Our Car Body raptors continue to reside in their same area, however their nest was unsuccessful. Therefore we can cautiously open East Car Body, but it’s important to respect their space.

This means:

  • Our raptor friends will still be hanging out on the rock walls.
  • Be mindful they are present by not playing music, keeping dogs on leash, and keeping noise (human, animal, etc.), to a minimum as best as you can.
  • If you see a raptor, please respect its space and leave the climb and climb something else.
  • If you see young raptors please contact the BCA.

We had a great event with the The Peregrine Fund at the The Commons Climbing last week! The relationship between climbers and raptors is crucial to keeping the Black Cliffs accessible. As we learned Friday night, if the BCA and volunteers did not do this work, our closures could be the ENTIRE Cliffs during nesting season.

Thank you all for educating your friends, obeying closures, and being a part of this community. And extra thanks to our volunteer raptor biologist and interns for monitoring every week. Climb on!

Closure Update: 1/30/2022

Hello climbers! Nesting season is upon us!

❌ Scary Canyon closed
❌ East Car Body Canyon closed

Face is currently open, and with the access trail being so close to the closures in East Car Body, please be cognizant of signs and not disturbing the area (ex: dogs and music.) BCA volunteers will be out this weekend putting up signs and prepping for closures, so you may see some activity in the area. Giving nests the space they need is one of the single most important things that keeps local climbing accessible. Thank you for your cooperation in this and please help spread the word. Climb on!

Closure Update: 6/5/2021

All climbing areas are open now! The nests in Car Body are still sensitive, so please keep dogs on leash, under control, and be aware of noise levels.

✅ Dead Cow
✅ Wailing Wall
✅ Iron Man Wall
✅ Scary Canyon
✅ East Car Body Canyon

Our volunteer raptor biologist has given the green light to open all. All closure signs have also been taken down. As always, thanks for your support and please help spread the word!