Closure Update: 2/21/2023

❌ Scary Canyon closed
❌ East Car Body Canyon closed
❌ Nixon Head closed

Thank you to the consistent monitoring from the raptor intern, we received word that we need to give nesting raptors their space in Scary. With the weather and winter thaw, there has also been reports of loose rock, so be aware when climbing.

Reminder about East Car Body

The Face is currently open, and with the access trail being so close to the closures in East Car Body, please be cognizant of signs and not disturbing the area (ex: dogs and music). When accessing, veer right at the trail junction and do not disturb East Car Body.

Above the Black Cliffs

This is a critical winter wildlife area. Do not set up top ropes or access from above. This area is monitored by Fish and Game and could result in fines for you, as well as denied access to Car Body for all.

What you can do to help us!

  • Please alert us if see any raptor activity and we will send volunteer raptor monitors to assess it.
  • Give nests, and these areas, space.
  • Educate your friends and share the information.
  • Climb in all the other areas, the Black Cliffs has a lot to offer!