2020 Crag Clean Up Information

Black Cliffs Sign Up – here

Due to COVID-19, we’ll be doing our annual crag clean ups a little different than usual. We are still hosting the Black Cliffs clean up in-person and will be having a “virtual” crag clean for those that aren’t able to attend the in person event.

Black Cliffs Event – November 14th, 2020
If you are interested in attending, please sign up here. We will be sending out a follow up email once shifts have been figured out with information about where to meet, what to bring, and who is the project lead. Attendance to the in-person event will enter you into a drawing; winners will be announced virtually after the event.

Virtual Instagram Crag Clean Up – November 1-14th, 2020
Can’t attend the in-person event? By posting a picture yourself cleaning up a local crag on Instagram and tagging the BCA instagram account (@boiseclimbersalliance) and #bcacragcleanup2020, you’ll be entered in a drawing where winners will be announced after November 14th.

Thanks to our sponsors and looking forward to seeing how clean we can get our crags!

The Access Fund
Asana Climbing Gym
The Commons Climbing Gym
Suzanna Lee Chetwood
Vertical View Climbing Gym

Closure Update: 5/6/2020

There are new closures, as well as all others which remain in effect:
CAR BODY -*Open* Closure has been lifted due to nesting failure.
DEAD COW – Closed *New*

Please protect our access by respecting these closures, talking with those who do not, and notifying BCA when you see something. We are monitoring the birds on a weekly basis and will continue to keep you updated. Remember, disturbance of young birds can impact nest success so it’s your compliance that helps gives these birds space they need and keep our crags open.

Please enjoy this great picture of some of our new friends at the Cliffs!

Image: BCA Volunteer Raptor Biologist

Thank you, BCA

Closure Update: 5/2/2020

Due to sensitivity of nesting owls and violations of buffer zones, we have extended the area of protection in Car Body. After consulting with two raptor biologists, all of East Car Body is now closed to all to climbing and any other form of recreation.  The closure extends all the way to The Throb in West Car Body. Please protect our access by not violating these closures and talking with those who do.  

All other closures remain in effect:

The East Car Body closures includes the trails, please do NOT use the trails on the East Side in Car Body. This is a critical time for the birds and climbers. We are monitoring the birds on a weekly basis and disturbance of young will result in loss of young birds and climbing.

Thank you,

Closure Update: 4/15/20

Hi all,

Someone decided to relocate some of our signs at the Black Cliffs. Until we get those replaced, please know that:


These areas are super sensitive! As is our access.

Respect closures
Educate others on closures
Keep pets on a leash
Help keep noise levels kept to a minimum (ex. no music).
Climb on! 

Spring Updates

The BCA stands with Access Fund and encourages you to climb locally and responsibly. Check out this blog post from Access Fund about COVID-19 resources for climbers.

BCA was out checking on closures this weekend and THANK YOU! Happy to report that climbers obeyed closures, gave raptors their space, and also practiced good social distancing.

Swan Falls Adopt-a-Crag

We had a date set for the Swan Falls cleanup and we hope to reschedule in the future, but for now, it is not happening.

We have heard reports from climbers out there that it has been BUSY! If you do venture to Swan, grab a bag and pick up trash (even if it is not climber trash). Please let us know how many bags you collect and we will keep tally for Idaho Power. If you can, take a pic and tag us! We may not be able to do the spring clean up, but we can still do our part.

Climb safe. Climb locally. Climb responsibly.

Closure Update: 2/22/2020

FACE CANYON IS CLOSED TO ALL ACTIVITY! There are red railed hawks nesting there!

If you are driving by and see anyone in the area, or any of the three currently closed areas, please do the birds a solid by sharing the news and asking them to leave.

Closure Update: 2/21/2020

If you’re out in Carbody or Scary canyon, be on the lookout for signs like the one below! Bird closures are in effect! The following are closed: all of SCARY Canyon, and Hershey Squirt to Raisin the Titanic in EAST CARBODY.

Please spread the word and if you see climbers violating the closure, let them know. As stated before, these areas are super sensitive! In the case of Carbody, instead of closing the whole canyon we’re asking that these closures be respected, pets kept on a leash, and noise levels kept to a minimum (ex. no music).

Thank you to all of you for respecting closures and helping keep open local crags!