Swan Falls Adopt-A-Crag 2021

When: Saturday, May 15th @ 10 AM
Where: Swan Falls – Boat Ramp
Participant limitations: Max of 50 people.

Fill out the form linked here before May 15th to 1) register for the event and 2) get entered into the raffle! Must be present at the event to receive prize.

What to expect day of:
– Bring your own water, snacks, and gloves to pick up trash.
– Show up at 10, sign a waiver, and pick up a garbage bag.
– Pick up trash! ๐Ÿ—‘๐Ÿšฎ
– When done, check back in with the BCA table so we know youโ€™re safe and done AND to drop off your trash bag.

The CDC has lifted restrictions on masks outside, but we encourage you to have one handy in case it’s needed. See yโ€™all there!!

Closure Update: 4/11/2021

โœ… Dead Cow** (closure lifted)
โŒ Wailing Wall (east of scary; not in the Idaho Underground book older versions of Boise Climbs, or on mtn proj)
โŒ Iron Man Wall (east of scary; not in the Idaho Underground, older versions of Boise Climbs, or on mtn proj)
โŒ Scary Canyon
โŒ East Car Body Canyon

Our volunteer raptor biologist has given the green light to reopen Dead Cow! While this one has been reopened, there are still several other closures still in effect. All these closures include hiking over the top and rapping down. As always, thanks for your support and please help spread the word!

It has also been brought to our attention that both Wailing Wall and Iron Man Wall are in the latest edition of Boise Climbs but not in Idaho Underground, on Mountain Project, or in older versions of Boise Climbs.

Closure Update: 3/11/2021

Wailing Wall and Ironman Wall are added to our list of closures for the season:

  • Wailing Wall (east of Scary; not in Boise Climbs book or on mtn proj)
  • Ironman Wall (east of Scary; not in Boise Climbs book or on mtn proj)
  • Dead Cow
  • Scary Canyon
  • East Car Body Canyon

A reminder that these closures include hiking in and rapping down. Spread the word, tell your friends, and thanks for your support of the raptor closures!

Closure Update 3/9/2021

Scary Canyon – CLOSED
East Carbody Canyon – CLOSED

Expect more closures with this weather, so spread the word and check our social media. These closures include hiking in on the top and rappelling in to the area. Thank you for your diligence!

Closure Update: 2/14/2021

Scary Canyon – CLOSED
East Carbody – CLOSED

Please continue to access Face via the East Car Body trail, avoiding the East Car Body climbing area. Please help us by spreading the word: share on your social media, educate your friends, and respect closures.

Table Rock Access Issues

Just a reminder about Table Rock Access Issues: The dirt road is currently closed. Please access using marked public trails and public parking. Some of these trails may be impacted by weather. Make sure to check Ridge to Rivers for trail conditions. The BCA is actively engaged in this process and has a board member advocating for climbers on the Table Rock Advisory Committee.