Closure Update: 3/15/2024

Weekend weather looks great for the Black Cliffs! Friendly reminder that the following areas are CLOSED for raptor nesting:

❌ Steep Wall
❌ The Far Side
❌ Nixon Head
❌ Scary Canyon
❌ Highway Face
❌ Face Canyon

Please do not hike to the top of the cliffs to set up topropes. This is a critical winter wildlife area. The area is monitored by Fish & Game and hiking up there could result in fines for you and denied access to Carbody Canyon for all.

  • Please alert us if you see any raptor activity so that we can notify volunteer raptor monitors to assess.
  • Give nests, and the closed areas, plenty of space.
  • Educate your friends about these closures.
  • SHARE this information amongst your community.
  • Explore some of the other walls the Black Cliffs offer.