March 2013 Nesting Raptor Buffer Zones in place at the Black Cliffs

New Nesting Raptor Buffer Zones at the Black Cliffs March 2013
Greeting Boise Climbers!
Recent raptor nesting activity has prompted the establishment of several seasonal nesting raptor buffer zones at the Black Cliffs. The raptor monitoring team and I are still working to verify all of the areas that contain nesting raptors this season. Please note that the following areas have existing buffer zones and climbing restrictions:
1. Carbody Canyon---between Road Kill and Doug Scott Route (Nesting barn owls at the top of Doug Scott)
2. Highway Face---all routes
3. Scary canyon---all routes
4. The Iron Man Wall---all 3 routes
5. The Dead Cow Cliff---all routes
6. The Nixon Head---all routes
7. The Steep Wall---all routes
I have placed a buffer zone signs at the trailheads of Scary and Face canyons, the Nixon Head, and a small area within West Carbody Canyon. As we gather more information about nesting activity and estimated route closure timelines, I'll be certain to keep you all posted.
Also, as you are out enjoying the spring weather, please keep an eye out for other nesting raptors that may not yet be documented. If you see birds of prey regularly landing in an area at the cliffs , or if you experience repeated territorial fly-overs (often accompanied by vocalizations) please be considerate and move out of the immediate area. We would be grateful for you to share any information you may have regarding nesting raptors and other sensitive wildlife. To share observations or information, please contact me at and place BCA raptor monitoring to the subject line.
Again, thank you for respecting these closures and giving Boise climbers the excellent reputation that they have when it comes to respecting our wildlife and being stewards of our climbing areas.

Thank you,

Dusty Perkins
BCA Biologist
Science Outreach Coordinator

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All Raptor buffer zones/closures lifted

Hello Climbers!

All of the nesting raptor buffer zones and associated signage for the 2011 season have been lifted. Thank you to all that observed and respected our buffer zones this season. Also, thanks to the many climbers that reported raptor activity and nesting birds of prey. Although I spend about an hour a week monitoring during the spring, many times these chance encounters provide critical information in locating and protecting nest sites.

This year our buffer zones to protected two paris of prairie falcons, barn owls and great horned owls. Thanks again for your stewardship and actions that help protect the places we share with nature.

-Dusty Perkins
BCA Biologist
Science Outreach Coordinator

March 2013 Nesting Raptor

All routes at the Black Cliffs are now open. Buffer zone signs have been removed. Thanks, everyone for helping keep our climbing area open by staying out of closed areas.

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