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2014 Black Cliffs Raptor Closures

Hello Black Cliff users:

Update on closures at the Black cliffs:

  • Lifting closure on Face Canyon. Highway Face will remained closed (nesting pair of Red-tailed Hawks). All routes to the west of Pizza Face are closed. Make sure to keep a low profile. If the birds are making noise or present please do not climb in the area.
  • Still closed-Scary canyon (The whole canyon).
  • No dental records and the doug scott route in West Car Body Canyon are currently closed. There are nesting owls present.
  • Nixon Head has two nesting falcons and is currently closed but the buffer zone sign has been taken.
  • We now have official raptor closures to post for 2014.

    • We have closed all of Face Canyon and Highway Face due to a potential Red Tail Hawk nest. We will monitor the bird to see if she continues to actively nest in the canyon. If she moves on we will make a decision to change the status of the canyon.
    • Scary Canyon is also completely closed to climbing due to Prairie Falcons in the area.
    • We also closed the Doug Scott route and No Dental Records in West Carbody due to nesting owls.
    • On the Dark Side we have closed the Nixon Head and Dead Cow cliff because of nesting Prairie Falcons.

    Thank you for obeying these closures. This helps with continued access to our local crag. The sites will be monitored closely over the next few weeks to see if the birds start to nest.

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Adopt a Crag 2013 Cleanup at Table Rock: 9am-1pm October 5

Join with fellow climbers as we conduct cleanup and light trail maintenance at Table Rock

Learn a little Table Rock history Pick up a ticket for raffle prizes

Stick around afterward to boulder

March 2013 Nesting Raptor Buffer Zones in place at the Black Cliffs

New Nesting Raptor Buffer Zones at the Black Cliffs March 2013
Greeting Boise Climbers!
Recent raptor nesting activity has prompted the establishment of several seasonal nesting raptor buffer zones at the Black Cliffs. The raptor monitoring team and I are still working to verify all of the areas that contain nesting raptors this season. Please note that the following areas have existing buffer zones and climbing restrictions:
1. Carbody Canyon---between Road Kill and Doug Scott Route (Nesting barn owls at the top of Doug Scott)
2. Highway Face---all routes
3. Scary canyon---all routes
4. The Iron Man Wall---all 3 routes
5. The Dead Cow Cliff---all routes
6. The Nixon Head---all routes
7. The Steep Wall---all routes
I have placed a buffer zone signs at the trailheads of Scary and Face canyons, the Nixon Head, and a small area within West Carbody Canyon. As we gather more information about nesting activity and estimated route closure timelines, I'll be certain to keep you all posted.
Also, as you are out enjoying the spring weather, please keep an eye out for other nesting raptors that may not yet be documented. If you see birds of prey regularly landing in an area at the cliffs , or if you experience repeated territorial fly-overs (often accompanied by vocalizations) please be considerate and move out of the immediate area. We would be grateful for you to share any information you may have regarding nesting raptors and other sensitive wildlife. To share observations or information, please contact me at dperkins405@yahoo.com and place BCA raptor monitoring to the subject line.
Again, thank you for respecting these closures and giving Boise climbers the excellent reputation that they have when it comes to respecting our wildlife and being stewards of our climbing areas.

Thank you,

Dusty Perkins
BCA Biologist
Science Outreach Coordinator

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BCA Board Meeting @ The Short Cliffs

Walkthrough of the trails and cliffs to preview work to be done at Adopt-a-Crag 2011. Meet in the Short Cliffs parking lot.

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Adopt-a-crag Swan Falls clean-up

Saturday May 3rd from 9am-12pm. Please come out and help your local Climbers Alliance cleanup Swan Falls climbing area. Come for the good company and clean up and stay for some bouldering among new friends.





The Massacre Rocks closure has been listed on the Federal Register. That means you have thirty days to comment on the closure. BE HEARD, WRITE A LETTER. Send your letter and/or comments to the BLM by going to their website http://www.blm.gov/id/st/en/info/nepa.html, emailing them id_burley_fo_@blm.gov, mailing them 15 East 200 South Burley, ID 83318 or faxing them at 208-677-6699 PLEASE ACT NOW!

Massacre Rocks Closure

Massacre Rocks has the potential to be shut down to climbing. Please read below and help us keep the area open to climbing.

An action is being proposed by the BLM to restrict or eliminate access to 600 acres of BLM that is currently used as a recreational climbing area. Before any decision is made final on the Proposed Action, the BLM must issue a public notice in the Federal Register. It is expected to be published soon. Once this notice is issued, the public will have 30 days to comment on this proposal. Once the comment period is ended, the BLM will initiate the National Environmental Policy Act process and conduct an environmental review of the area. This will take a year or so to complete.

The area in which climbing occurs is within the Cedar Field Archaeological site, an area officially designated as containing cultural resources. The Shoshone-Bannock tribes have expressed concern for the preservation fo the site. This is the reason for the proposed closure. It encompasses all climbs except a small area north of the All American Wall.

The area is NOT currently closed to climbing.

1. Express your concerns either in writing or by telephone (writing provides a good public record) to Mike Courtney at the BLM office.
2. Provide comments in responses to the notice on the Federal Register public comment period within 30 days of the notice.
3. Spread the word of the closure and actions to take to other climbers.
4. Participate in an organized group effort to address this issue.
5. Ask to be added to a master email list by contacting Troy Neu at tneu@oldtownembroidery.com or (208) 251-9910.

Please contact Mike Courtney at the BLM Burley Field Office to express your concerns. Telephone number: (208) 677-6635 or email mcourtney@blm.gov

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